Editorial Team

Chief Editor

  1. Peter J. Pekins, University of New Hampshire, United States

Submissions Editor

  1. Roy V. Rea, University of Northern BC, Canada

Business Editor

  1. Arthur R. Rodgers, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, Canada

Associate Editors

  1. Dr. Ed Addison, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (ret'd), Canada
  2. Dr. Eric J Bergman, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, United States
  3. Dr. Michelle Carstensen, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, United States
  4. Dr. Nicholas J. DeCesare, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, United States
  5. Dr. Murray W. Lankester, Professor Emeritus, Lakehead University, Canada
  6. Dr Brian E McLaren, Lakehead University, Canada
  7. Dr. Ron Moen, University of Minnesota Duluth, United States
  8. Dr. Steve K Windels, Voyageurs National Park, United States