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Hofmann, Reinhold R.
Hokkanen, Pertti
Holleman, Dan F.
Hollingsworth, Teresa N.
Hooper, Charlotte A.
Hosek, Brian M.
Hubbert, Michael E.
Hubbert, Mike E.
Hudson, Robert J.
Huebner, Kari K.
Huettmann, Falk, EWHALE Lab, Institute of Arctic Biology, Department of Biology and Wildlife, Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks
Humphries, Murray M., McGill University
Hundertmark, Kris J
Hundertmark, Kris J.
Hunt, Len
Hunt, Len M., Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Huot, Jean
Hurley, Michael V.
Hurst, Jeremy
Hurt, Aimee, Working Dogs for Conservation


Iason, Glenn R., The James Hutton Institute
Inglis, Jeremy E.
Innes, James I.
Irby, Lynn R.
Irwin, Larry L.

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