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Dobrotka, Cameron J., Department of Biology, Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio 45501, USA
Dodge, William B.
Done, Gundega, LSFRI “Silava”, Salaspils, LV
Donovan, Therese, U.S. Geological Survey, Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont
Drew, Larry J., U.S. Geological Survey, National Center
DuBois, Stephen D., Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Duetsch, Jason, Colorado Division of Wildlife
Duinker, Peter
Dungan, Jason
Dungan, Jason D.


Edenius, Lars
Editors, Alces
Editors, Alces (Canada)
Edlich, Sabine Christina, University of Hamburg
Edwards, Andrew
Edwards, Andrew J., 1854 Treaty Authority
Edwards, Andrew J. (United States)
Edwards, William H.
Eerikäinen, Kalle
Ellingwood, Daniel
Ellingwood, Daniel, University of New Hampshire (United States)
Ericsson, Göran


Fager, Craig W.
Farley, Sean D.
Ferguson, Howard

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