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Brimeyer, Douglas G.
Brinkman, Todd J., University of Alaska Fairbanks
Broders, Hugh G, St Mary's University
Buck, C. Loren, Northern Arizona University
Burkholder, Braden O.
Butler, Erika A
Bystiansky, Stanislav, Technical University of Zvolen, SK


Cadsand, Becky
Carson, Allan W
Carstensen, Michelle
Child, Kenneth, retired
Child, Kenneth N
Chovanova, Zuzana, Technical University of Zvolen, SK
Clarke, Heather
Collins, William B., Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Congalton, Russell G., University of New Hampshire
Cook, Rachel C.
Cook, Rachel C., National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (United States)
Cooley, Dorothy
Coombs, Andrea B, St. Mary's University
Cornicelli, Louis
Cox, Karl, Government of Northwest Territories
Craig, Tim, FWS (retired)
Craig, Timothy
Crichton, Vince

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