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Bao, Heng, Feline Research Center of Chinese State Forestry Administration, College of Wildlife and Protected Areas, Northeast Forestry University, 26 Hexing Road, Harbin 150040, CN
Barbowski, J.
Barboza, Perry S.
Barboza, Perry S. (United States)
Barclay, John S., Wildlife Conservation Research Center, University of Connecticut
Barker, Margaret J.
Barker, Trevor
Barry, Sean
Barry, Sean P.
Bartley, Bruce
Base, Dana L.
Baskin, Leonid
Baskin, Leonid M
Baskin, Leonid M.
Bassoulet, Cyril
Battig, J.
Beaumont, Aldée
Beazley, Karen
Beazley, Karen (Canada)
Beazley, Karen F.
Beazley, Karen Faye, Dalhousie University
Becker, Dennis
Becker, E. F.
Becker, Earl F.
Becker, Scott

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